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Whether you have a birthday party or a festival, I have programs to fit your needs.   A few of the performances I have are:

    The Queen of the Library - My signature program, if features princess stories, including "The Pouting Princess" and my theme song, "Queen of the Library".  Bring your tiara!

    It was a Dark and Stormy Night - Scary tales for Halloween or a full moon.  Adaptable to different age audiences.  Everything from jump tales to "The Tell-Tale Heart".

    Uppity Women Make History - True stories of strong women from the K-12 curriculum.

    Around the World with Pourquoi Tales - Tales from different cultures explaining the wonders of Nature.

    Barbie, Elvis and Me: A Life with Shoes - Personal stories for adults.  One woman left the show saying, "You made me laugh so hard I peed my pants!  Then you told a story that made me cry."  I figure if I can make you lose bodily fluids, I've done my job as a storyteller!